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Our Team


Lead Therapist

The Lead Instructor Therapist oversees Applied Behaviour Analytic individualized programs, completes assessments, updates and evaluates the effectiveness of each learner's program, assists in the training and supervision of IT's and works directly with learners diagnosed with autism and their families.

Instructor Therapists


Our Instructor Therapists (IT's) undergo intensive training on site in the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis and Verbal behaviour. They are knowledgeable in the area of child development with either a university degree or college education in psychology or other related fields of study. Working as part of a team, each instructor Therapist is responsible for implementing programs under the supervision of the Lead Therapist and/or the Owner/Co founder. IT's are all responsible for keeping accurate data, graphing, and preparing materials in order to provide a high quality and supportive program for every learner.

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