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About Us

Our Story

Having worked with children with autism for many years, Christa, Gizelle and Erin had this idea of a space where children with autism can thrive and fit in. In 2010, their dream became a reality when they founded a company designed to provide more intensive evidence-based interventions to individuals with ASD. ABACS began modestly, as many small companies do. Company operations initially took place out of both the owners' and the learners' homes. In 2011, with growing interest from more families, ABACS expanded into a small centre-based location. This enabled families to bring their child to a centre-based program that is individualized for each child. Learners foster new skills in a fun, safe, nurturing and positive environment. 

Today, Gizelle continue to meet the growing need for IBI in Regina and the surrounding area. ABACS’ approach is fun and positive, while still maintaining its effectiveness. ABACS is committed to the use of evidence-based interventions and teaching methods to build, maintain, and generalize skills in all areas of development!

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