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All testimonials have been posted with permission

"This is a great reminder for me everyday never lose hope or give up. Keep fighting. Thank you guys at ABACS for your love and dedication to my girls. Almost 1 year with you guys and there are so many changes in my girls. Thank you thank you thank you."

- Maria Ali-Khan, Parent

"We've spent lots of money over the years, but we've seen the most sustained progress in the past 3 months with [ABACS], so money well spent I say!"

- Rip Smith, Parent

"ABACS has opened the door to help us communicate with our four-year-old daughter. Now that she can communicate better and we understand her more, her behaviour issues are hardly there because she is not frustrated. Her word capacity has expanded and so has her confidence in social situations. She runs in the door to go to ABACS.  She has such fun.  I think she forgets she is learning!"

- Parent

"The one on one service that ABACS provides has proven to be the most successful therapy for our daughter. The owners, Gizelle, Christa and Erin, have years of experience which allows them to tailor the programs to my child's needs. It is a fun, engaging and positive environment which allows a child to develop their skills and abilities. The day to day reporting, the charting of program targets and having the ABACS team work with our requests as parents has made this a strong and progressive relationship."

- Kerry Gaillard, Parent

"We can not say enough about the ABACS team. Our son has done so well under their direction and they are truly passionate about what they do and how they deliver the program. With ABACS we continue to have hope as our son makes gains. ABACS continually builds on what he knows with how he learns and motivates him to do more. This gives him confidence in his skill building which spills over into all areas of his day. We wish that ABACS could be integrated into the school system as we know there are so many children who would benefit from it. We could not be more pleased that this therapy works with the evidence to prove it. Thank you ABACS for your hard work and devotion in this field. We wish you nothing but success."

- Holly Lefrancois, Parent

"My daughter Hosanna was diagnosed with ASD when she was 3 and had been through a lot between assessment, diagnosis, planning and interventions as we, like any other parent, wants to get the most of the services we can get for her. However, this had proven to be challenging as we see her struggling to see the right ‘fit’ between her personality (including her interests, capacity, sensorial preferences etc.) and the interventions (factors like technique, training, expertise of the provider, environment, time, etc). It was depressing. I was at a loss on what to do and was questioning myself whether we are doing the right thing or were we throwing too much on her. So when we bumped into an ABACS information sheet in our pediatrician’s office I was hesitant to inquire at first, but now I’m so glad I did. Since the beginning, Christa and Gizelle have been nothing short of supportive and encouraging. They listened to all my concerns, talked about my daughter as the unique, special and true individual that she is, and came up with a totally transparent plan that is goal-oriented, easy to understand and yet encompasses many areas of improvement. Now that would look good in paper you would think but actually seeing it in my daughter, is absolutely amazing. Never have I seen her entertained and engaged in therapy. I have never seen her at ease with other people outside our family circle and actually enjoy being around them, not trying to find her way out. It’s wonderful! But not only are the results apparent in the ABACS centre, I also see an increase in her attention to tasks at home. Even her interventionist from the health region was surprised at how quickly her focus improved after she started with ABACS as well as her engagement to activities. Now, she doesn’t have to chase my daughter around to finish her tasks because she can finish it in one sitting. Wow! I’ve never thought we could be so excited and happy about anything involving therapy for our daughter. Now that I see her improving at a rapid pace and having fun at the same time, I am convinced that we have found the ‘perfect fit’ that we were looking for. Thank you Gizelle, Christa, Ana. Meghan 1 and 2 and Reianne for all your hard work."

- Hanna Leah Habac Latina, Parent

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