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Above and Beyond Autism Consulting Services (ABACS) is a Regina-based company dedicated to providing services to individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families throughout Saskatchewan.  

ABACS’ mission is to maximize the potential of each learner with autism by providing an intensive, comprehensive, individualized program based on the scientific principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). The three founders, Christa Baron, Erin Di Stasi, and Gizelle Gay, all began working in the field of autism as students. For Gizelle and Erin, this meant while obtaining their degrees at the University of Regina. Christa first started working with children with autism while she attended high school!

**While Erin is one of the founding members of ABACS she is now staying home full-time to care for her family.  Her commitment to helping families and children with ASD during her time at ABACS did not go unnoticed and she will be missed!


In 2010, their dream became reality when they founded a company designed to provide more intensive evidence-based interventions to individuals with ASD. ABACS began modestly, as many small companies do. Company operations initially took place out of both the owner’s and the learner’s homes. In 2011, with growing interest from more families, ABACS was able to expand into a small centre-based location. This enabled families to bring their child to a centre-based program that is individualized for each child. Learners foster new skills in a fun, safe, nurturing and positive environment. 


Today, Christa and Gizelle continue to meet the growing need for IBI in Regina and the surrounding area. ABACS’ approach is fun and positive, while still maintaining its effectiveness. From families that commute 2+ hours each direction to those in the City of Regina, there is no better reward than when a learner is excited to come to the centre, and this is the goal with every child that steps through the door. ABACS is committed to the use of evidence-based interventions and teaching methods to build, maintain, and generalize skills in all areas of development. The principles and techniques of ABA are incorporated in all service delivery utilizing a variety of behavioural approaches such as verbal behaviour, discrete trial, and incidental teaching, where learners will continue to learn skills necessary to meet their full potential.

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The provincial government has committed to provide individualized funding to families living with ASD.

March 2016


ABACS founders featured in Campion College's Alumni Journal.

Spring 2014

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